Ammerhauser Menu

We wish you bon appétit!

Classics of our house

Carpaccio of beef with chorizo and cream cheese 11,00 Euro
Terrine from tomatoes and sheep cheese with pesto 9,00 Euro
Clear soup with 3 kind of fillings 5,00 Euro
Pumpkin cream soup with small dumplings 5,00 Euro
Filet of char with polenta-gnocchi and turnips 22,00 Euro
„Vienna Style Escalope“ of pork 15,00 Euro
of veal with parsley potatoes and salad 19,00 Euro
Baked chicken with salad of potatoes and beans served with core oil 15,00Euro
Boiled beef with spinach and roast potatoes 18,00 Euro
Fried beef with onions in gravy with mustard-noodles and lettuce 20,00 Euro
Pepper stuffed with veal, tomatoes-sauce and puree 14,00 Euro

Vegetarian, vegan and "Moor"

Hemp risotto with artichokes and onion 14,00 Euro
Curd cheese-pumpkin-ravioli with mushrooms and cheese 13,00 Euro
Salad of Cous Cous and tofu with zucchini noodles 13,00 Euro
Homemade moor pasta with bacon and parmesan 14,00 Euro

Für die Moorgerichte verwenden wir das Trinkmoor der Firma SonnenMoor in Anthering.


Home-made ice-cream:chocolate-mint / black beer / pumpkin seed oil 2,00 Euro
Home-made sorbet: plum / blackberry / apple 2,00 Euro
2 pieces of crêpes with apricot jam 5,90 Euro
with cranberry jam 5,90 Euro
Lukewarm chocolate cake with compote and panna cotta 7,50 Euro
Beerenauslese Sämling 88, WG Tschida, Neusiedlersee 1/16l 5,00 Euro


Patato - boletus terrine with venison ham 10,00 Euro
Creamsoup of brown bread with apple-balsamic vinegar 5,00 Euro
Chickensoup with chili, vegetables and egg 5,00 Euro
Salmon trout with stew pumpkin and Jerusalem artichoke 21,00 Euro
Back from venison with kale and roulade of potatoes 24,00 Euro
"Cordon Bleu" of chicken knuckle with ratatouille and mashed potatoes 15,00 Euro
Cooked heart, lungs, liver and sweetbread of calf with dumpling 15,00 Euro
Duck with red cabbage and two kind of dumpling 22,00 Euro
"Ammerhauser Burger" with vegetables, cheese, bacon and fries 12,00 Euro
Plum-dumpling with stewed plums and butter-crumb 8,00
place setting (in the evening) 2,10 Euro