Technology & Equipment

Weframe One

  • 86'' large 4K multi-touch display
  • Beamer, flipchart, wall and camera in one device
  • Interactive working
  • Hybrid Meetings
  • Video Conferences
  • Presentations

Large-scale projection:

  • Computer signal from laptops, PC, Mac (VGA to SXGA presentable, 1024 x 786 resolution)
  • VHS- and Super-VHS-Videos
  • DVD videos in Dolby Surround Sound quality
  • Video camera
  • TV programmes

You can also connect to video conference equipment and computer modems via ADSL or wireless internet as well as external audio-video signals.

Audio media

Radio, Audio CDs, Audio cassette

Projection and presenting

Touch screen, Overhead projector, slide projector


Separate group rooms, 2 translator booths for simultaneous translations, air-conditioning, flip charts, pin boards, writing tablets...

Please note: The available equipment can vary in each room. Please see each conference room’s details for its complete list of equipment.

Technical equipment of our conference rooms leave nothing to be desired