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Booking with best price guarantee

You have certainly read on our website a few times that you book with us with best price guarantee. But what exactly does this best price guarantee mean? You can book our hotel rooms through the various portals and also on our website. If you book directly with us, we guarantee that you will get the best price, which means that you will not find our rooms anywhere cheaper.

More advantages for direct booking

We want to be honest: If you book directly with us, then we save the agency fees for the portals and we are happy about that. We want to return this pleasure to our guests and have therefore put together some offers from which you can only benefit from direct booking:

⇒ Extended Check-In and -Out

Normally, your hotel room at the 4* Hotel Ammerhauser is available from 14:00. On the day of departure, guests must leave the hotel room by 11:00. But when booking directly, we don't see it so closely: if you have availability, you can use our Early Check-In and/or our Late Check-Out. Just ask for it!

⇒ Free Upgrade

If it turns out on arrival that a room in a higher category is free for your travel period, we will give you a free upgrade. So enjoy your stay with us a bit more!

⇒ No local tax

In case of direct booking, we will waive the extra costs of the local tax.